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Silver Leo Zodiac Necklace (Sterling Silver)

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For our confident and bold Leo, our zodiac necklace depicts a majestic and proud lion standing tall under the sun, surrounded by a sea of stars. Never forget that your strength is your warmth, compassion and fierce spirit, it shines as brightly as the sun.

Roll out the red carpet, the Leos are here. Nothing says “celebrating me” like a personal Zodiac pendant. Born July 23rd - August 22nd, this is your new favourite.



        Good as Hell by Lizzo



The most beautifully detailed pieces you'll EVER discover. Guaranteed.

 ✔️ Artisan One-of-a-kind Zodiac Necklace 

 ✔️  Handcrafted Exclusively Made To Order For You In The UK

 ✔️  Crafted from 925 Premium Sterling Silver with Platinum Plating

 ✔️  Durable Dainty Chain Available In 18" - 45cm

Includes Leo pendant charm and link chain necklace. Crafted from 925 Solid Sterling Silver.

PRE ORDER - Highly requested follow up to our bestselling gold zodiac necklace, our sterling solid silver version is now available for pre order only. If you purchase today, it will not be dispatched until it has been made to order (Estimated timing is 2 weeks).


  • Your pet may or may not have their own Instagram page.
  • You have become semi-profesh hairdressers, as a result of tending to their locks religiously. 
  • Your flair for dramatics only adds to your charm

Leo's are born between July 23-August 22 and are ruled by the Sun, and this perfectly represents their innate belief that they are the centre-of-the-universe!

They are charming, warm, welcoming, funny, protective, and generally great company .Leos love to lead, perform, talk, be admired and receive the praise and respect of others. They are naturally regal, and always assume a boss-like stance in any relationship or group dynamic.