18k Mandala Pendant Necklace

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Catch sight of your inspiring phrase in the middle of a busy day or at a frustrating moment to lift your mood and focus your attention on the present. A mandala is a symbol of the wholeness of the universe. Symmetrical and circular, with orderly shapes and patterns, a mandala symbolises harmony and unity and represents your connection to the universe.

A mandala can be seen as a spiritual tool or a beautiful piece of art. This one weaves hearts around a central lotus symbol, showing the love that connects us all. Mandala necklace is your way to carry your personal mantra with you every day, or gift someone special with their very own moment of motivation.


  • 18k Gold Vermeil: 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold Plating
  • Available in both 18" (45cm) and 22" (55cm)