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Libra Zodiac Necklace (18k Gold Vermeil)

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 For our kind and understanding Libra, our zodiac necklace depicts a pair of scales of balance and harmony, a shooting star and their ruler, venus symbol . Born September 22nd - October 23rd, this is your new favourite. Produced in three dimensions using unique craftsmanship, with a hammered finish. 



        Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys


The most beautifully detailed pieces you'll EVER discover. Guaranteed.

 ✔️ Artisan One-of-a-kind Zodiac Necklace 

 ✔️  Handcrafted Exclusively Made To Order For You In The UK

 ✔️  Crafted from 925 Premium Sterling Silver with Platinum Plating

 ✔️  Durable Dainty Chain Available In 18" / 22"

Includes Libra double sided pendant charm and link chain necklace. Crafted from 925 Sterling Silver.


  • You are extremely self-reflective. And take extremely good selfies.
  • Your flair for consistency only adds to your charm
  • You’re never one to shy away from bold fashion statements

Ah Libra, ruler of fairness, keeper of justice, charmer of the zodiac. So gracious in your diplomacy, you walk with harmony at your heart centre.

 Libra is ruled by Venus, a planet which holds sway over beauty, the arts, love and pleasure. This makes them wonderful lovers, extremely aesthetic and into beautiful things, and certainly born with a taste for ALL of the finer things in life. Librans are big on self-indulgence, and this is where their Marie Kondo’ing attitude can do a bit skew-whiff as they let themselves off the hook and go party (oh well, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right?)

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Our Zodiac necklaces are unique, secretive and personal to you. Our designs are handcrafted in the U.K and cannot be found in stores. 

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This necklace is handcrafted from premium solid Sterling Silver with a thick layer of 18k Gold Plating.  

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