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    What Is the Difference Between Your Sun, Moon, and Rising Signs?

    Your sun, moon, and rising signs are considered “the big three” in astrology. They represent the three most important parts of your identity: your core self (sun), your inner-self (moon) and how others perceive you (rising). These three signs can fall in the same sign or be completely different—but the three of them together have a major influence on you. 

    Your sun sign is the sign most people are familiar with, as it’s derived from our birthdays. The sun remains in a sign for about 30 days, so the day you were born determines this sign. Because the sun represents identity, self, and life purpose, this sign suggests how you feel about yourself, your values, and the way you look at the world. Basically, your sun sign captures your essence and radiates out into the world.

    Your moon sign is not as well-known as your sun sign, but it’s still very important to your overall personality as it represents what we need to feel secure, comfortable, and loved. It influences behavior in ways you might not be aware of because it typically rules your emotional responses to things. Unlike your sun sign, you need to know the date and location of your birth to get an accurate moon sign.

    Your rising sign also known as your “ascendant” is the sign that was ascending on the eastern horizon the exact moment you were born. The rising sign is determined by the time, date, and location of your birth. It’s the reason why birth times are so incredibly important. Your ascendant represents your public identity. You can see its influence in your appearance, attitude, and overall persona. Because of that, it’s the first impression you make on others.

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